Thursday, March 19, 2020

New York City in the time of COVID

Seen at Times Square

I am taking a break from my usual travel blogs to share a little about what New York City looks like as the restriction die to the COVID-19 crisis take effect.

Last Saturday I took a walk through Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Line outside Trader Joe's

I got to Lincoln Center around 11:00 AM and it was almost completely deserted.

On Tuesday morning I went back down to mid-town. My first stop was at Grand Central Terminal

Taking a break

Erin works at Sweetgrass. "It is crazy, I have gone from serving customers to giving food away"

Rachel was on her way to Connecticut to prepare for a Sept. wedding"I hope we will still be able to hold it."

Margarita and her son were in NYC for medical treatment. They were spending one last day to see the sights before heading home.

Clara, Leena, Georgina and Amber were visiting from Malaysia.

I walked across 42nd street towards Times Square

42nd street

Bryant Park

Rebuilding the lawn at Bryant Park

Times Square was like a ghost town

Empty, that is, except for the news crews out for a story

Along the way there many signs of the times

My last stop was at Herald Square

Another news crew
At the end of the day, we can get buried under all of the fear, or we can look for sign of hope, and know that, even as our government drags it feet and does as little as possible, we will get through this.


  1. This is so much like a Twilight Zone episode, except it is really happening.

  2. Thank you Jonathan for documenting in words and pictures our new reality.