Thursday, June 2, 2022

Bahía de Cienfuegos


On one of our days in Cienfuegos, we hired a boat to take us out on the Bahía de Cienfuegos. This was not a fishing trip, although we met several fishermen during our day. Our trip was a chance to explore some of the small villages that line the bay.

Our boat picked us up at the entrance to La Laguna del Cura. We saw several fishing boats on their way out for the day. As we crossed the bay, we encountered more fishermen working to catch food for the day, with some extra to sell.

The first stop we made was was at Cayo Carenas. This island, in the middle of La Bahía, is home to families who make their living on the water. We visited the home of Rodrigo, who has lived his entire life on Cayo Carenas, fishing, and working as a pilot, guiding the large freighters and cruise ships through the entry channel.

From Cayo Carenas, we traveled to El Perché, a barrio in the town of Jaguas. El Perché sits on the western bank of the channel that connects the Bahía to the Caribbean.

We had a wonderful day, sailing across the bay, and exploring a side of Cuba that most visitors never get to see. 


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  1. I totally loved going through these photos. They give us a view of Cuba far beyond the headlines that are often driven by preconceived notions of the realities of living on that island. Thank you for a taste of honesty. This is a great blog piece for all those who would love to go and see for themselves what life in Cuba is all about. Not a lot of tourist attracting material splendor here, but oh so much of the human condition of the every day Cuban people. AMD