Thursday, November 23, 2023

A Flâneur in Florence


When a person writes about visiting a city, myself included, they tend to write about specific sights, cultural institutions, or events. But one of the joys of visiting a city is just getting out and walking around. Taking in the sights and sounds of someplace new, someplace different.  

Porto Romano


My first two days in Florence, I just spent time wandering through its historic center. I have visited before, but this time I really just wanted to look. so with no specific destination, I left me hotel and wandered, camera in hand. This is what I found, in no particular order.  

Hercules and Cacus by Bandinelli

Ponte Vecchio in the rain

Ponte Vecchio

Along the Arno

Santo Spirito Church

Leonardo Tozzi, Cobbler

Dante's Church

Perseus with the head of Medusa by Cellini

Piazza de Santo Spirito

Santo Spirito Church

David by Michaelangelo

Dante Meeting Beatrice by Mario D'Ellia


Piazza de La Signorina

Hercules and Nessus by Giambologna

Palazzo Vecchio

The Duomo

San Lorenzo Basilica


Menelaus bearing the corpse of Patroclus

So, make sure that you spend time just walking around a city when you visit. You find many things both expected and surprising when you do.



  1. Fabulous photography!! Thank you for sharing a very different view of your travels. I feel as though I took a walk with you. I viewed several times in order to pay attention to details.

    1. You have an amazing eye. I remember so many of the things we saw in Florence and I felt like I was just back there. Thank you, Ed

  2. Somethings are free and fabulous if we just take time to look and take in the world around us. I loved walking this very old city. My favorite shots are the ones of ordinary moments--an unexpected moment during a wedding procession, a bike in front of a store, a window full of interesting items, the shine of rain on cobblestones. I will never get tired of discovering new sights, through my own eyes and through the eyes of a great photographer. AMD