Thursday, January 4, 2024

On the Go in Orvieto


Orvieto is a small city in the Umbrian area of Italy. Its history goes back to the Etruscan era and has played an important role in the this part of the country because of its geological position. Orvieto sits on a high bluff, formed by a volcanic tuff. The steep sides of the tuff made it almost impossible for enemies to attack Orvieto, and it served as a key stop along the road from Rome to Florence.

Orvieto's Duomo

I spent a day and a half visiting Orvieto, which gave me a chance to walk through the old city. It is a great place to explore in during a short stay. The streets wind around each other, and small churches and shops pop up around almost every corner. 

I hope that this photo-essay gives a feeling of my time exploring Orvieto.


Orvieto's Duomo




South-East Communal Garden


L.Ar.Ce. Di Malentacchi Stefano& C. ceramic shop




Santa Maria dei Servi


Church of San Giovenale



  1. Love the town of Ovieto. Thank you for this photo essay. The light, the ochre-infused environment and the age-painted structures take me back in space and time. As always, your photos take me from my chair into another world.

  2. Awesome pictures!!!