Thursday, December 19, 2013

Why I travel.

Yesterday I bought a a travel pouch with the saying "I am not a traveler, I am more of an explorer." This is what gets me up off the couch. At the age of 52 dome people like to settle in. "Been there, done that." Well that is not me. I was raised by parents who thought that getting the car and driving for the weekend was fun. My wife (hereafter known as The Amazing Ms. D) and I were toasted at our wedding as "having been to more places that no one has ever heard of."

This is fun. I love to see what is down THAT road.

 Drive across the country staying OFF OF THE INTERSTATE? Love It!

 Where is the Corn Palace?

Let's eat lunch UNDER the Jolly Green Giant!

A museum (any museum) can get me to pull off the road for an hour.

 In 8 hours I start on another trip. This one to Puerto Rico, where The Amazing Ms. D was born. I have been there many times, but I always go looking for that wonderful mix of seeing the familiar and finding something new.

 So why "Travels in the 2nd half?" Well I am 52. I am in the second half of life... although I hope that, like "Car Talk" I will be getting 3 halves. I don't stay at youth hostels anymore, although I will stay at just about any motel I find on the road that look "decent." There is so much of this world that I have not yet seen, and I would really love to see it all. And as I am looking for something to do in soon to be retired years, writing about my travels sounds like fun and a challenge. So here goes nothing. Watch this space. If you like what you see, share my page. Let me know what you think. Comment, share your travel stories, share your photos. Let's have fun in the 2nd half!

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  1. Hey Jon, great idea. I should have known that you would embrace a digital format for your journal. You know me, quill and tower for me. But I love that you are sharing your thoughts with everyone. I'll drop in occasionally.