Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Real New York Part 10 - The Conservancy Gardens

A recent trip to El Museo del Barrio in Spanish Harlem gave me the excuse to visit a tiny gem in Central Park that is under utilized and under appreciated - The Conservancy Garden.

The Conservancy Garden is a 6 acre formal garden. The entrance is on 5th Ave between 104th and 105th street. The main entrance to the garden is through the Vanderbilt Gate which came from the Vanderbilt Mansion.

Looking at the Vanderbilt Gate.
 You enter into an Italianate garden with a wide lawn, shaded paths on either side and fountain at its western end. Above the fountain is a trellised passage with benches that look out towards 5th Ave.

The center of the garden

This is a really nice place to sit and rest.

Either someone left an umbrella or this is an art installation
On the southern side of the garden (left as you enter) is a formal English garden. This area has several semicircular flower beds and is centered around a lily pond. There is a fountain of two youths in the pond that was inspired by the main characters of "The Secret Garden." This lovely fountain was sculpted by Bessie Potter Vonnoh.

In the English Garden

reflections in the lily pond

Mary and Dickon
Craggy Trees

Be careful - the tree gnome is watching

 The northern part of the garden is in a French style. At its center is wonder fountain  - Three Dancing Maidens by Walter Shott. This lovely sculpture catches young women in joyful action.

One of the things that I really like about the Conservancy Gardens is that it is a really great place to come and relax. It has many nooks and crannies to sit, relax and maybe read a book.

As I said in an earlier post - Central Park is one of my favorite places. It is place to come whatever mood you are in. And it is full of surprises if you take the time to explore.

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  1. I also love the park. It's our jewel in the middle of the craziness of Manhattan.