Friday, December 18, 2015

New York Cooking - Körözött

It is holiday party time and that means many of us are reaching for the instant onion soup and sour cream to make dip. I found an excellent and easy replacement - körözött. Körözött is a Hungarian cheese spread. In The New York Cookbook, Molly O'Neill gives a recipe from Andre Balog, manager at Paprikas Weiss, a spice store on the Upper East Side of NYC.

This type of cheese dip was common throughout the old Austro-Hungarian Empire. It can be made of a mixture of creamy cheese and goat cheese. Spices are added to give individual taste.
The heart of the dip is a mixture of 8 oz. of cream cheese, 4 oz. of Bryndza cheese and a stick of butter. To this mixture add paprika, onion and caraway seeds. Or mix whatever spices you might like. It is easy, fast and tastes much better that that old sour cream dip.

Serve on crackers, or a good, hearty peasant bread. This dip will be the hit of the party.

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  1. This is a deliciously savory appetizer. Can't wait to have a party to serve it up in bowls all over the living room. You can make a big batch of it the night before, set it out before the guests arrive and sit back to enjoy it with your company.