Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Words inspired by Art - The Whitney Museum

Sometimes, when I am walking through a museum I am inspired by a piece that I observe. Last month I visited the Whitney Museum here in New York City and found inspiration by two pieces that found there.

Perspective - inspired by Untitled by Laura Owens

Perspective is a funny thing 
Look closely at an object, and it is meaningless
A piece of information cut off
Floating in space

Other objects float nearby
Holding more information to observe
each is totally incomprehensible
On its own

But step back
Adjust your viewpoint
And it all come together

Then turn around
find another place to stand
and its meaning completely changes

Sunday Morning - inspired by Early Sunday Morning by Edward Hopper

It was early. He knew it because the sun was just coming up over the East River. But for him, it was late. His gig had ended at three, and then the band went to an after-hours to wind down. Now, here he was, making his way home while greeting the dawn.

As tired as he was, he loved this time of day. He had Seventh Avenue to himself. It was almost like all other people had been taken away, like a bad Twilight Zone episode. He could stand on the corner and lose track of where he was. The writing on the store windows becomes garbled and the street signs disappear. Was he in New York? Paris? Rome? He becomes lost in a day dream, standing still in the warmth of the rising sun, sending his shadow down the block.

SWISH! SWISH! RUMBLE! RUMBLE! His focus is brought back by the passing street sweeper. He shakes his head and picks up his horn.His bed is calling and the rising sun is saying good night.



  1. I absolutely love this post. It's always interesting to see what attracts the writer's attention and how he is moved by a piece of art. The writing captures the essence of the pieces. Your words lead me into other worlds. The multi-dimensional world of perspectivism and The stark reality of a moment of the loneliness of early morning in the city. Well done. Thank you. Would love to see more of these impressions. AMD

  2. Thank you very much for your post. It is a brilliant post getting me to think how writers get inspiration and remind me of how artistic we writers are.