Monday, August 11, 2014

Ajeum da Diáspora - Salvador Bahia Brazil

The Amazing Ms. D in the garden at Ajuem
There is a growing trend in many developing countries of women using their skills in the kitchen and turning their homes in to in situ restaurants. Ajeum da Diáspora is an excellent example of this. This restaurant is owned by Anjelica Moureira, and is only open on Sundays. If you are in Salvador it is well worth making a reservation and going for lunch.

We were met at the door with warm greetings from one of Anjelica's daughters who was one of waiters. After spending some time getting to know Anjelica's family and friends we sat down and started off with a trio of amuse buche - Black-eyed pea salad, pickled beet and deviled egg. They were all delicious. Next we were offered our choice of fresh coconut, tamarind or passion fruit mixed with cachaça. These were fantastic drinks. For those who didn't want alcohol there was fresh limon or watermelon juice.

Our main course was a bacalao (cod-fish) salad with shrimp, cabbage, olives, and onions served on a bed of rice and mashed potatoes with a garnish of cooked okra. Now I am not a fish eater, but this was a excellent dish - tasty and well seasoned. The potatoes were creamy and shrimp was fresh. Dessert was a freshly shredded coconut candy.

Anjelica and some of our group

Anjelica and The Amazing Ms. D

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  1. You MUST go to Ajeum da Diaspora, not only for a fantastic meal, but for the opportunity to meet Anjelica. She is a warm, affectionate person, a fabulous cook and I and my fellow travelers had the opportunity to buy the beautiful jewelry she sells. Each piece is not only unique and beautiful in itself but also highlights aspects of the various Orishas. As a birthday present, Jonathan and the Amazing Ms. D bought me a painting I fell in love with done by an artist, Rosa, who was exhibiting her work in the salon in Anjelica's home/restaurant. Thank you!!
    Anjelica's store in the Pelourinho, Casa Do Oxun is also definitely worth the visit.